During my semester abroad in New Zealand I wanted to make a movie about the indigenous Maori people. How are they doing in a post-colonial country, gawped at by tourists and still disadvantaged? But then I asked myself: Who am I to tell their story? And how can I empower those, who's story this is?
The film was shot between January and March 2020. I finished production just days before the whole country shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The last days I went out with my Sony a6000, a headlight and mic alone as my assistant from UK had left the country in fear of getting stuck there. But I wanted to finish this project, no matter what. 
The film became the practical part of my bachelor thesis about perspective in ethnologic documentary film and had its premiere at the Max Ophüls Film Festival 2021
Read a (German) review from Testkammer.de

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